Stand out from your competitors with original merchandise: the branded foldable solar torch. Actually, it is more than a simple torch; its system is very innovative. This item can be recharged either with USB or with a help of solar panels! Good thing this branded foldable solar torch comes in handy, for you and your customers.

Branded Foldable Solar Torch

Branded Foldable Solar Torch

What are the specifications of this foldable solar torch?

The branded foldable solar torch is good for outdoor adventures and for emergency situations. It’s created to provide maximum brightness, with its clever design which holds 3 light panels for well distributed lighting. It also includes various lighting modes for different uses, such as signaling nearby travelers.

Branded Foldable Solar Torch

Branded Foldable Solar Torch

Another great feature of this merchandise is that it comes power-packed with a 680 mAH battery. As a matter of fact, this is enough to provide 4 hours of lighting in a single charge. Next is recharging: the branded foldable solar torch allows solar charging, letting it conveniently recharge for when electric sockets may not be accessible. Finally, its form factor. With all these great additions, making it portable to fit any bags and to be hang on platforms without any obstruction.

Get to know more about this excellent product by reading the specifications below:

  • Model number: SB-6039
  • Size: 63* 150 mm
  • Weight: 168g
  • Lighting Modes: Low, high, flashing and off
  • Maximum luminous flux (high mode): 100 Lm
  • Maximum luminous flux (low mode): 5o Lm
  • Built-in battery: 680 mAH/3.7V
  • Battery life: Approximately 4 hours
  • Charging time with a USB: Approximately 4 hours
  • Charging time with a solar (500W/M2): Approximately 12 hours

How can a branded foldable solar torch help with your business?

The branded foldable solar torch is, no doubt, a great addition to your business’ store shelves. It is not only an ideal gift for your potential customers, but also a product consumers can purchase. Here are some other benefits that business will surely enjoy with our product.

  • Unique but effective. The branded foldable solar torch provides the convenience of portability and the versatility as a power bank.
  • Finer brand remembrance. Another great benefit of this item is how it can help your brand become more memorable to your customer, by introducing people along with the merchandise as a promotional product.
  • Practicality. Customers will definitely enjoy this practical aspect of  the solar torch, as it is very useful particularly during barbecue’s night !

Here at ODM, we focus on delivering quality merchandise to help promote and establish your business. Interested in our products, feel free to contact us.

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