Atlas for Men, a brand selling Men’s outdoor clothing, is currently running a promotional campaign on its website until the 8th August 2012. Simply visit its website and enter a promo code: 62946 to redeem a free Torch Lamp!

GWP France - Torch Lamp by Atlas for men

GWP France – Torch Lamp by Atlas for men

Promotional gifts are commonly used by online stores to outshine their competitors. It also acts as incentive gifts to boost sales! Besides, use of promotional codes is relatively efficient as customers feel exclusive, enticing them to purchase more! In a nutshell, this promotion is really interesting, in terms of the marketing aspects.

Here’s a summary for our French followers:

Cette opération promotionnelle est très intéressante. En effet, elle utilise plusieurs procédés marketing qui marchent très fort sur internet : les codes promos et les cadeaux promotionnels.

Les codes promos permettent de créer un sentiment d’exclusivité et incitent le client à acheter et augmente la sensation de personnalisation de l’offre.

Les objets publicitaires, quant à eux, restent un classique indémodable pour des campagnes marketing réussies.