Auchan, one of the biggest chain of supermarkets in France, were offering a really cool gift to its customers through their online shop. Consumers were able to get this branded isotherm bag.

Incentive Product France - Isotherm bag by Auchan Drive

Incentive Product France – Isotherm bag by Auchan Drive

To redeem this bag a unique code had to be entered on to the website (“SOLEIL” which means sun in French) and consumers had to purchase at least 50 euros worth of products.

This promotion is very appealing because it is typically the kind of product people look for and use during the summer. It will certainly encourage Auchan‘s customers to purchase more products on the website and so will increase Auchan‘s turnover!

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Now, a brief summary of this article for our French readers :

Les grandes chaînes de supermarchés françaises favorise aujourd’hui la vente en ligne pour attirer de nouveaux clients. On peut donc penser que cette opération promotionnelle va pousser certaines personnes a faire leur courses sur le site Auchan Drive plutôt qu’en magasin.

Par ailleurs, en offrant le cadeau uniquement à partir de 50 euros d’achat, Auchan est certain d’augmenter le panier moyen de ses acheteurs en ligne et ainsi augmenter encore plus son chiffre d’affaires.