Afibel, an online store selling women clothing is holding a promotional giveaway. They are offering to customers this uniquely designed lamp!

Incentive Product France - Free Lamp by Afibel

Incentive Product France – Free Lamp by Afibel

Customers simply have to subscribe to the website, enter a promo code (WP2H) and they will receive this promotional item for free! There is no need to even purchase any product!

As you may know, the most difficult part of an online store is to attract new customers and also encourage existing customers to purchase more. Afibel is doing a great job to increase its sales by running this promotional campaign!

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Now just a few words in French for our overseas readers :

Afibel montre bien avec cette promotion l’intérêt des cadeaux promotionnels. En effet, ce cadeau va très certainement inciter les internautes à réaliser des achats sur le site d’Afibel, et donc augmenter leurs ventes.

Cette campagne promotionnelle permet également à Afibel d’améliorer son image de marque auprès de ses consommateurs.