Dr. Pierre Ricaud, a French shop of beauty products, is currently offering a really cool gift to their customers on their online shop. They are giving out this really nice handbag :

Incentive Product France - Handbag by Dr. Pierre Ricaud

Incentive Product France – Handbag by Dr. Pierre Ricaud

To get this bag, customers simply have to register at Dr. Pierre Ricaud’s website, place their first order and they will receive it for free. Furthermore for the first order, freight cost will be covered by the online shop! They will also receive some samples of other products! This bag will definitely increase customer’s awareness and bring in sales.

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Now a few words in French for our foreign readers :

Dr. Pierre Ricaud récompense donc, à travers cette promotion, ces nouveaux clients en leur offrant ce sac à main double usage.

En termes de marketing, c’est un choix judicieux. En effet, sur internet, le plu compliqué est de transformer les visiteurs en acheteurs et des promotions comme celle-ci peuvent être un atout majeur pour augmenter les ventes d’un site de vente en ligne !

Par ailleurs, offrir un/des cadeau(x) permet d’améliorer son image de marque et de fidéliser les consommateurs !