Jean Paul Gaultier moves on from Brut to Diet Coke with a new limited edition bottle. This is one of the major projects under his new role as creative director for Diet Coke.

The new Diet Coke bottle collection is themed as “Night & Day”. It has been launched in the different cities of Europe. The “Night” bottle features the female form in a sexy corset with Gaultier’s iconic cone bra design. In contrast, the “Day” bottle features Breton stripes in nautical blue with a white finish in addition to the red Diet Coke bottle cap that is similar to a beret. “Tattoo”, the latest bottle in the series, showcases Jean Paul Gaultier’s passion for body art. The bottle is covered from head to toe in iconic designs, in reminiscence  of his past catwalk collections.

Jean Paul Gauliter and Coca Cola

Jean Paul Gaultier and Coca Cola

Using special editions in your product range is often a big success. It definitely increases revenue because of the high focus on brand awareness.

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