Jean Paul Gaultier has created a unique bottle stopper design to promote their newest scent “Scandal”. This name is appropriate, considering Jean Paul Gaultier’s branding and prior advertising. When you’re known to produce exciting designs you have to keep ‘topping them’. Gaultier does just that.

Bottle Stopper Design

Bottle Stopper Design

What we love about Gaultier’s bottle stopper design:

Relevant: It’s key for a brand to have a clear image. The bottle stopper design, women’s legs in high heels, is appropriate for Gaultier and this perfume in particular.

Interesting display: Gaultier has not just used bottle stoppers to stand out. Similarly, their in-store display features a range of textures which link to the perfumes on display.

Materials: The perfume POS display features metal cogs and a placard. This links to the industrial theme of Gaultier’s ads. The overall look is a mix of soft and hard textures.

Why invest in custom packaging?

The first impression of a product is often visual. Testers enable shoppers to sample perfume. However, the purchase decision is often based on brand image. As a result, brands invest in marketing ideas to ensure that their product is linked to an idealized lifestyle and image.

Premium packaging is just as important. This should relate to the image a brand aims to convey. Above all, desirability is key to Gaultier’s brand identity. Most noteworthy is the iconic bust design of the Classique perfume. This has been used since 1993 and is frequently the source of inspiration for other brands. Scandal is no different, with a pair of legs making an attention-grabbing bottle stopper design.

Bottle Stopper Design

Bottle Stopper Design

Custom packaging, like this unique bottle stopper design, can take your product to the next level. ODM are experts in design and production. We’re here to help every step of the way! Feel free to reach out today.


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