The main purpose of perfume is to captivate our sense of smell, but the presentation of the product is so important.  There are many competing products out there and the merchandising of these brands in-store is critical to success.   One effective marketing strategy to enhance the visual aspects of the product is to use a perfume POS display. Check out this great example by Dior, as seen in a local shopping mall.

Perfume POS Display by Dior in Hong Kong

Perfume POS Display by Dior in Hong Kong

The French fashion house captured the essence of their famous perfume, J’adore through this in-store display. The elegant design of the perfume bottle has been creatively implemented into the display. This is evident through the white and gold color scheme, to the wave-like curves in the table. Additionally, the branding has been made very clear due to their large size and contrasting colors.

Benefits of the perfume POS display

Having a perfume POS display amplifies the visibility of your brand, making a greater impact on standing out in the market. Here are several other benefits it will bring:

  • Brand exposure: By presenting a POS display in retail stores, it increases the chance of brand awareness and visibility.
  • Attract customers: This eye-catching display will help accentuate the product’s features and stand out amongst competitors.
  • Customization: It can be fully customized, to match your brand image.

Furthermore, there are other marketing and promotional strategies that can strengthen your brand. This includes custom packaginggifts with purchases, to prestige gift boxes.

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What's a standing POS Display?

A free-standing POS display simply means a standalone shelf display. This kind of display unit easily stands out from the usual store-provided shelves.

What are the advantages of point of sale displays?

POS displays help effectively bring a customer's attention to that particular brand, and away from any competing brands. This would also benefit your company, as the customer might purchase your product upon first sight.

Where should I put my point of purchase display in retail stores?

The display has to be close to eye level, which makes it even easier for a customer to spot your products. You can decide to put it next to the entry or check-outs.

Is these POS Displays customisable?

These POS displays are customizable and durable, so don’t pos displays to maintain brand awareness.

Why ODM?

We, ODM will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing, and manufacturing services necessary to help you with your next promotional campaign.


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