Sunsilk Natural have recently launched a creative custom in-store display on supermarket shelves. The display invites clients to take plastic fruits and smell the natural flavors used in Sunsilk’s product line. By doing this, Sunsilk improve their brand image and overall sales. Read on to see how:

Custom In-Store Display

Custom In-Store Display

Why we love Sunsilk’s custom in-store display:

This custom in-store display sets Sunsilk apart from other brands. At the same time, it helps Sunsilk improve their image. The shelf advertising display stirs the curiosity of shoppers. As a result, clients will link the brand to a unique experience. Indeed, scent being used in promotions leave a long-term impact on shoppers.

The POS Display will also, of course, encourage shoppers to try the product.

Custom In-Store Display

Custom In-Store Display

Why invest in a custom in-store display?

Effective: Think of the displays as a silent salesperson, guiding customers with their purchase and improving conversion. A custom in-store display is a great way to distinguish yourself from other brands.

Cost-effective: Most displays are made from cardboard and plastic. In addition, some can even be reused for future promotions.

Unique: This custom display shelf features unique elements. Sunsilk focuses on the natural qualities of their product. As a result, they grab the attention of shoppers the moment they enter the store.

By creating a custom promotional display, ODM Group can help you emphasize the strong points of your brand.

Feel free to reach out to our talented team of designers today. ODM Group takes care of all stages of production. From design and sourcing to manufacturing and delivery, we’re here to help.


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