When you go into a shop, there is one thing that never fails to grab your attention. Of course, that would be free gifts! Premium gifts are an extremely effective form of promotional marketing, and when used correctly can bring about many benefits for your brand. One good example is this promotional handbag by Calvin Klein.

Promotional Handbag

Promotional Handbag by CK – How It Helped Increase Consumer Base

Here, we can see Calvin Klein using a free promotional handbag to motivate customers to buy more of their products. Through a complimentary gift with purchase, shoppers will get a high-quality hand bag as an add-on when 2 fragrances are purchased.

Speaking of bags, cosmetic brands are also using gwp toiletry bags and promotional pouch bags to further enhance brand recognition and engagement. This is because customers can bring them to work and during travels, helping companies get their brands out there.

There are many things that Calvin Klein has done with this promotion that we like.

  • Visibility: Calvin Klein has made their free gift with purchase extremely visible, with a display that very clearly indicates the free gift promotion. This visibility helps to create an effective first point of contact for the brand to the customer.
  • Practical: The gift that Calvin Klein chose is practical. When a customer purchases 2 fragrances, he or she will get a free promotional gift bag. This is a practical choice of gift, their target customers will get to use this handbag when they are out on their daily trips.


So, is a Promotional Handbag Right for You?

Bags are among the most widely used promotional item in the cosmetic and beauty industry. And here are reasons to join the trend:

  • Increased product value: Premium gifts help to attract customers to purchase a product, as the free gift would make the customer feel that he or she is getting more out of their purchase.
  • Driving impulse purchases: This promotion will help to drive impulse purchases because customers definitely like free gifts, and this will motivate them to make purchases that they did not initially plan to make.
  • Customizable: Free gifts are extremely customizable. Depending on your marketing budget, you can go with a simple gift, or a more expensive gift, for your customers.

When used correctly,a promotional handbag can help to drive sales and increase brand reputation. The more high-end the gifts are, the more customers will be enticed to buy your products.  Aside from premium gifts, there are many promotions that your company can use to promote your products. These include in-pack offers, and on-pack offers,

Will a premium gift bag help you achieve your sales goals? If so, The ODM Group is certainly ready to help! Feel free to contact us!


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