Looking for POS display inspiration? Oreo’s custom point of purchase display is definitely worth checking out! Found at a supermarket in Vietnam, this custom pop display really “popped” due to its attention-grabbing color and posters.

Custom Point of Purchase Display

Custom Point of Purchase Display

In marketing, in order to successfully market your product, it is important to make a positive impression to your customers first. Your company can use various promotional tools to bring attention to your brand. Examples of promotional tools include in-pack offers, on-pack offers, and complimentary gift with purchase. In this case, Oreo has made use of a custom stand to attract attention to its cookies. We like Oreo’s use of the custom POS display, as it is pleasing to the eye and it helped the brand stand out.


Why do we like Oreo’s use of the custom point of purchase display?

  • Prominent: The stand that Oreo uses is extremely prominent. This makes for a good first point of contact for Oreo to a potential customer. Furthermore, the display is also close to eye level, which makes it even easier for a customer to spot Oreo’s products.
  • Customizable: You can customize such displays in many ways to fit each individual company’s needs. For example, you can fit the display with LED to make it look more prominent. You can also custom-fit the size of the display to make sure that the products sit securely on the shelf. There are many things that you can do with this type of display, which is why we like it.
  • Exclusivity: With such displays, your brand’s products will be exclusively displayed. This helps effectively bring a customer’s attention to that particular brand, and away from any competing brands. This would also benefit your company, as the customer might purchase your product upon first sight.
  • Posters: The use of cardboard posters as backdrop is also a wise move. We love how the promotional poster design created depth whilst maintaining cohesion in their display.

Oreo did a wonderful job in their custom point of purchase display and they definitely enjoyed the benefits. Furthermore, it is not extremely expensive, meaning that marketing budget can be easily met. Everything from the choice of colors and materials pulls customers into their display.

You, too, can boost your brand with a professionally-designed POS display unit. And you can make your in-store display even more eye-catching with the help of a reliable POS display designer and POS display manufacturer.

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