Unique, eye-catching, and creative. These are the words that best describe this custom cardboard display from both Oreo and Cadbury. This POS display unit stands out without overpowering any of the two brands. The cardboard design promotes your brand without the need for expensive and big displays. As a result, both Oreo and Cadbury successfully pulled off this campaign.

 Secrets to Effective Custom Cardboard Display - Oreo-Cadbury Collab

Secrets to Effective Custom Cardboard Display – Oreo-Cadbury Collab


Why Custom Cardboard Display?

This cardboard display makes all the difference in the marketing industry. It is affordable, customisable, and full of life. It effectively realises the marketing goals of each brand.

The display is made from a durable kind of cardboard. It has a matte lamination that perfectly protects the display from water, moisture and dust. Also, this display boasts a full-colour print that hugely contributes to the whole ensemble.

As you may have noticed, this cardboard POS display uses a custom chest freezer. They have fully utilized all available resources which would ease up spending. Therefore, these two brands are literally saving a lot of money from their marketing budget.


Why Do We Adore This Custom Cardboard Display from Oreo and Cadbury?

  • Affordable – First of all, this kind of custom POS display is relatively cheaper than most displays in the market. Cardboard is cost – effective and available. Using cardboard as the main material for this POS display idea is perfect. The costs in producing such marketing item might be low but this does not mean that it isn’t as effective as those fancy – looking displays. If you’re looking for another cardboard display, check out this idea from Nescafe.
  • Easy to Set up – We get it, a lot of POS displays are hard to set up. You’ll need a lot of help installing these marketing wonders. Fortunately, this display from Oreo and Cadbury is light-weight and easy to set up. In fact, it is collapsible so you can easily keep this during transport.
  • Customisable – Lastly, this cardboard display is highly customisable. Basically, your marketers could easily use any design and the product designers won’t have trouble creating your brand’s masterpiece. Well, if you would like to know what designs might be perfect for your brand, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

In conclusion, we don’t need to spend a lot just to fulfill our marketing dreams, take it from these two industry giants. All you need is a creative marketing team and a dedicated industry partner to create your best promotional item.

Speaking of a dedicated partner, here at ODM, we have a team that is well-accustomed to marketing and manufacturing promotional items. Should you have any questions, please contact us anytime.


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