At GS25, a Korean-catered convenience store in Vietnam, lies a POS display rack by Nestle’s coffee brand; Nescafe. The top design portrays a 3D pop-up of Nescafe’s popular products, while the bottom design is plastered with the Nestle logo and slogan.

POS display rackPOS display rack

Placing products that complement the design of POS display rack is another strategy to draw in consumers attention. This design reinforces the brand’s name to viewers. Having a dedicated POS display for a brand’s products reflects to customers the value of the brand. This increases brand value as customers would think highly of the brand. This is something all brands should take note of!


What Can We Learn From This POS Display Rack?

  • Simplicity is Key – If the design is too over-the-top, it may backfire as consumers associate expensive with products on the shelf. So it is important to consider the type of POS display stand and customers patronizing the location of it. Therefore, this Nescafe POS display rack has seamlessly integrated its presence into the convenience store with its simple design.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – The materials used to make this custom POS display are mainly plastic and cardboard. Both are easy and cheap to procure, minimizing the cost spent – ensuring everything within the brand’s marketing budget. Furthermore, they are relatively durable and sturdy. No need to worry about the utility life as it will certainly last long!
  • Strategic Positioning – The rack was placed near the eating corner of GS25. It will certainly tempt consumers to grab and buy to quench their thirst! Moreover, there is a wide selection of drink products – a variety to cater to a larger customer base.

Overall, planning ahead is important in order to maximize profits for the brand! At ODM, we have extensive knowledge and experience manufacturing high-quality personalized promotional products to your satisfaction! Moreover, with a creative team of Mindsparkz product designers, we can brainstorm new and fresh ideas for your next marketing campaign! Free feel to send us your inquiry today!

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