If you are ordering bulk products from China, it is important to know how to track your orders. Tracking your parcel from China is fast and easy. There are air cargo tracking websites yo can log on to to track the status of your shipment.

So how do you track air cargo shipment? To help you out, our merchandisers list the steps below:


Air Cargo Tracking of Products from China

  1. Go to any air cargo tracking website such as aircargotracking.netcargotracking, and track-trace to track your parcel from China.
  2. You’ll find options such as “Choose Tracking by Airline Name” or “Tracking by Air Waybill Prefix”
  3. The airline Name/prefix can be found on the upper let side of the Air Waybill tracking document. In this example, Prefix 001 is for American Airlines. Click “001 AA American Airlines” on the tracking website, then input tracking number 87654321 and click the track button to check the status of your parcel.
Easy Steps for Tracking Air Cargo Shipment from China

Easy Steps for Tracking Air Cargo Shipment from China


Knowing the status of your parcel allows you to manage time wisely so you can do other important business tasks while waiting for your products. Moreover, knowing when you can expect to receive your orders allow more room for planning your marketing strategy.

If you prefer sending your products by sea, it is important to know how to calculate container shipping time to avoid delays. Read calculating shipping time to learn more about it:


Speaking of shipping, you may also try shipping your promotional products from China by mail. Here’s everything you need to know about shipping promotional products by mail.


To sum up, understanding air cargo tracking is crucial when working with factories in China. Knowing the status of your orders gives peace of mind. Moreover, it allows you to plan ahead of time.

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