Remember the days where your bed is filled with thousands of soft toys? Well, wait no further and let this promotional plush toy join the pack! An irresistible promotional stuffed toy for your next marketing campaign will certainly spread happy vibes as people squeal at how loveable it is.

Promotional Plush Toy

Promotional Plush Toy

With the upcoming Year of the Pig ahead of us, why not show appreciation to your clients with a few piglets as premium corporate gifts? These designs are no ordinary patterns as there are butterflies and flowers printed on them. This is certainly very imaginative!

Promotional Plush Toy

Promotional Plush Toy


Fear not if you are losing sleep. With these squishy sheep, you can literally count the number of sheep while trying to fall asleep. Read more about the production of producing toys if you are curious to learn more.

Promotional Plush Toy

Promotional Sheep Plush Toy


Why Do We Love This Adorable Promotional Plush Toy As A Promotional Giveaway?

  • Customizability – The ability to customize can totally increase unique selling point as brands become more competitive. By inserting a logo, brand awareness will also improve. This will then promote the brand name more easily and effectively. Brands can even customize the plush toys into a 2-in-1 creative promotional product like this!
Promotional Plush Toy

Promotional Plush Toy Keychain

If you find plush toys to be too bulky, these plush keychains may be more suitable for you and your client.


  • Memorable – These toys remind one of their childhood days, bringing back memories of the good old days. Moreover, this can help with positive brand association. Although it is a simple toy, it can improve your relationship with customers as they realise the worth of the product. Hence, they will certainly help retain customer loyalty!


  • Reduces Stress & LonelinessCustom plush toys are able to trigger a wave of relief that can lower your blood pressure. As it is able to induce calming endorphins, people can find peace and feel at ease in times of chaos. Hence, with such high functionality and value, consumers will highly appreciate these toys as an excellent promotional giveaway product.
Promotional Plush Toy

Promotional Plush Toy Pillows

Plush pillows are also very popular as they can be used to accentuate sofas and look exceptionally stylish for house parties or gatherings.

Overall, promotional plush toys should not be only limited for kids to own. With such endearing features, it can bring joy to anybody! At ODM, you can trust us to turn your dreams into reality with our highly skilled design team, Mindsparkz. Moreover, we have massive experience in manufacturing marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality promotional product. So speak with us!

Like this product? Feel free to send us an inquiry today! Don’t forget to reference product code 2361 to get a quote.


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