Infant formula company Similac is currently offering a promotional stuffed toy with every purchase of their 900g formula product in Vietnam. Customized promotional stuffed toys offer a great incentive for customers to buy your product; in addition to extending your brand awareness beyond the shop floor. Therefore a gift with purchase certainly gives you an edge over your competitor brands and creates further loyalty with customers that always opt for your products.
Promotional Stuffed Toy Included with Similac Products

Promotional Stuffed Toy Included with Similac Products


For 90 years Similac has been providing infant formula to new and expectant mothers around the world. This kids promotional product is particularly well suited to its audience; infants will get the pleasure out of the promotional stuffed toy, increasing customer brand satisfaction. A very good product booster from Similac!


Here is an overview of some of the key information regarding promotional plush toys:


Benefits of using Promotional Stuffed Toys:

– Extends brand visibility beyond the shop floor – people will take the stuffed toy home allowing for further brand exposure
– Finer brand remembrance – because of the personalized promotional and marketing gift
– Targets a wide demographic
– Toys have positive connotations with consumers, building this for your brand too
– Kids love toys!
Promotional Stuffed Toy Included with Similac Products

Promotional Stuffed Toy Included with Similac Products

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When designing and manufacturing promotional stuffed toys it is important to be aware of all the factors that need to be considered for production. Below are some links showing all of the key information you need to take account of when making promo plush toys.

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