With so many baby products today, how can you get people to notice your brand? Nestle Cerelac knows how tight the competition is. To reinforce their brand, they are giving away awesome kids promotional products with every purchase of Cerelac.

kids promotional products

Marketing Hacks from Nestle: Boost Sales with Kids Promotional Products

True to Nestle’s maxim, “Good Food, Good Life,” Cerelac wants to ensure that their product is improving the life of their customers.

Buyers will get a free feeding set or or Huggies dry pants diaper when they purchase two Cerelacs: Wheat Banana & Milk and Rice & Soya. What’s great about this marketing strategy? It is simple, effective, and very practical.

kids promotional products

Marketing Hacks from Nestle: Boost Sales with Kids Promotional Products

What We Love About This Example of Kids Promotional Products:

  • Save More!: Including a feeding set in the promo increases the product’s value. The promo gift makes the product more appealing because it’s like buying two products for the price of one!
  • Practicality: Useful and unique, the feeding set makes a great promotional gift idea. Its practicality is what attracts parents to purchase their products.
  • Branding Potential: The feeding set has great marketing potential. It is highly customizable, something you should take advantage of. A logo can be printed or carved onto the surface to improve brand exposure. This way, parents will easily remember the brand their baby uses every day.

You, too, can apply these ideas for your next promotional campaign. If you like this idea, contact us.

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How does using kids promotional products benefit my brand?

When you attach a clause of buy two of this to get something of greater value, people are more likely to patronize your brand because they believe there is a gain in their purchase that'll benefit their kids and save them the cost of buying from another brand that doesn't have a gift attached to it.

What are some examples of kids promotional products that I can use?

In this case, cerelac used a free feeding set or a dry pants diapers but there are other things you can use for yours. Kiddie toys, pampers, feeders, bottles....the options are endless.

Can I brand the kids promotional products that I decide to use?

Yes, you can. branding is what differentiates your products from the others so you can use a customisable toy that has your brand name or logo. Or you can collaborate with other brands.