Calling out to all Justice League fans out there! Nestle Singapore is currently offering a limited edition Justice League action figure as one of their children marketing effort. This exclusive promotion is limited to every Justice League large promotional packs (300g-330g). So hurry up and get yours today!

Nestlé’s Children Marketing! – Justice League Action Figures

Nestlé’s Children Marketing! – Justice League Action Figures

Why should you use action figures in your Children Marketing?

First of all, action figures have the ability to attract kids. This is especially true when the figurines happen to be their favorite superheroes! Justice League is one of the most famous superhero team in the whole wide world. It is a team of fictional superheroes that appears in comic books published by the DC Comics. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash are some of the more well known superheroes in the Justice League team. It is an awesome line up that would definitely help Nestle to attract attention and gain competitive advantages over their fellow competitors.

As such, ridding on children’s pestering power Nestle is able to entice parents to purchase their breakfast cereal products. And this is the key reason why Nestle is focusing their promotions in children marketing. Parents today are more than willing to agree to their children’s requests. So with this strategy in mind, Nestle is trying to provoke children’s interest and curiosity in their breakfast cereal products.


In order to fully utilize this gift with purchase, the action figures could have been printed with Nestlé’s brand name or logo. This allows it to act as a constant reminder that boost brand recall and brand recognition. Thus whenever kids plays with the action figures, they will sub-consciously remember Nestle as a cereal brand. This increases the chances of a repurchase. And as a result, it would definitely help to improve Nestlé’s sales and revenue.

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate this children marketing strategy into your marketing effort today!