Neiman Marcus is currently offering an exclusive tote bag promo gift offer for fall! Simply spend above $125 on any beauty purchases to make this fall beauty tote bag yours! The leopard print promo gift comes in three delicious fall colors and you certainly will be spoilt for choice! The promo gift is only available for a limited period of time, so hurry down to Neiman Marcus and get your hands on it now!

Promo Gift: Tote Bag

Promo Gift: Tote Bag

The tote bag makes a perfect promo gift because it is a very practical item. The bag is lightweight and durable and can be brought everywhere. More importantly, the promo gift can be used on many different occasions. From being used as a reusable shopping bag to a school bag, the tote bag is suitable for everyone!

Increase sales using promo gifts!

Promo gifts are excellent marketing tools that can help to drive sales and improve your brand image. Customers feel appreciated when they receive free items with their purchases. Thus giving customers a lovely promo gift like this will show them that the company is customer oriented. A generous gesture like that help boost your brand image.

At the same time, the promo gift can be branded with the Neiman Marcus logo to help increase brand awareness. When the customers use the bag, more people will come to know about Neiman Marcus when they see the branding on it. This can lead to more people being interested about the brand and its products. Due to the striking design, people might want to drop by Neiman Marcus stores to check it out for themselves.

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