Neiman Marcus targets their women audience by giving out promo gifts that they needs. This is a good marketing strategy to attract people into purchasing their products. To help boost sales, Neiman Marcus allows customers to receive this tote bag with any beauty purchase of at least $85. Hurry up and get this pretty tote bag while supplies last!

Just What a Woman Needs as Promo Gifts!

Just What a Woman Needs as Promo Gifts!

Check out what promotions other beauty companies have come up to help boost sales:

Many other renowned beauty products company have also come up with promotions, which entitles women to promo gifts that, they want/need.

Promo Gifts to Boost Sales

By offering useful promo gifts to women, it would effectively help boost sales for your company. Shopping is a women’s hobby and most women love to buy beauty products. What kind of promo gifts could attract them into purchasing your beauty products instead of your competitors? Of course, the answer is to offer them more attractive promo gifts as compared to the others.

Why A Tote Bag?

This tote bag would definitely be able to attract the attention of the women since women tends to bring lots of stuffs and accessories with them when they go out. A bag is what they would need to place all these stuffs. Furthermore, this tote bag comes in three different colours to suit the different preferences of their customers.

Branding Your Promo Gifts

Branding can help boost sales further by increasing brand awareness for your company. When users carry these toe bags around town, many other people would be able to notice your company brand name that is imprinted on these bags. A simple promo gift offered to your customers could easily become a free walking advertisement for you. Wait no more and get your very own branded promo gifts for your customers!