Summer’s here and Nordstrom is now offering nine-piece deluxe samples and beach tote bag as promo gifts! Simply make a purchase of $125 and above to be entitled to the gift set valued at more than $70. Hurry make your purchase with Nordstrom quick before this promotion runs out of stock!

Take a look at the summer promo gifts offered by Nordstrom!

Summer Beauty Promo Gifts by Nordstrom!

Summer Beauty Promo Gifts by Nordstrom!

Cosmetic companies all over the world have been actively involved in offering promotional gifts to their consumers. Check out some of the promotions they have offered previously:

Offering Promo Gifts to Boost Sales

Nordstrom is offering a nine-piece deluxe samples and tote bag as promo gifts to help boost sales. By offering promotional gifts to their consumers, they can act as incentives to encourage purchases. Consumers would be attracted to purchase their cosmetic products in order to be entitled to the gifts.

To add on, Nordstrom is offering a gift set that increases its perceived value greatly. Nordstrom is also offering a beach tote bag in combat to the summer season! Consumers can make use of the tote bag and this promo gift would be practical.

Branding Your Promo Gifts

Branding is vital in increasing brand awareness for your company. Nordstrom should brand their company logo/details on the tote bag to help boost sales. These tote bags can very well act as a free walking advertisement for you when the bags are carried around. When consumers use the tote bags, other people would be able to notice the brand name! In the long run, brand loyalty and recall could be built.