We already wrote in a previous article about a gift on purchase promotion for men by Adidas. Well here is a similar promotion made by Adidas for women. Over the Christmas season, in just about all French supermarkets you can find this free Adidas branded toiletry bag for women. To receive this promotional gift, simply purchase a complete Adidas toiletry kit made up of deodorant, perfume and lotion. This blog will focus on promotional gifts; free toiletry bag for woman by Adidas.

Promotional Gifts Free Toiletry Bag for Woman by Adidas


Perks of Promotional Gifts – Free Toiletry Bag for Woman by Adidas

  • Design – This toiletry bag is simple yet chic, the logo stands out in a pink shade to contrast the green and give it a feminine touch.
  • Practical – Adidas have made a promotional product which fits their brand perfectly. Their products are printed on the packaging box to give customers an idea of how the toiletry bag is useful for them and what they can put inside. They did not realise they needed a toiletry bag until this moment which is smart marketing.
  • Brand Exposure – This toiletry bag is easy to carry and portable, which means that it will be taken to many places exposing itself to numerous potential clients. Whether it is at the gym, work or going away for a weekend trip, this bag is will your brand help boost sales.

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