In the Cosmetics industry and searching for a promotional beauty product? This 3-in-1 toiletry bag set includes different sized bags in a range of colours and designs. This blog will focus on why toiletry bags are great promotional gift sets. Along with custom toiletry bags and a customized jewelry pouch can also make a great promo product.

Promotional beauty product

Promotional beauty product

Perks Of A Promotional Beauty Product

  • Reusable – These bag sets are good for the environment as they can be used over again and again.
  • Design – There is one large transparent toiletry bag which holds smaller bags inside with different designs. This guarantees lots of free space to utilise. Whether it is a small design or a variation to change up each bag, anything is possible!
  • Practical – Perfect for putting in a handbag to carry small items or make up products on the go, along with vacations and weekends away. Brands in the beauty industry will find this promotional product to be popular.
  • Brand Exposure – Through providing numerous items, there is more space to add logos and getting your product seen by many potential clients. As customers use the products and carry them around, others will be exposed to the brand and may be recommended through word of mouth.
  • Incentive – If this is offered as a gift with purchase, it will incentivise customers to buy full priced items for the gift as it adds value to the product and the brand name.
Promotional beauty product

Promotional beauty product


To Conclude…

Does this bag set suit your brand image? How many bags would you like in a set? Which sizes? What colours and designs would you pick? What extra products would your customers like? At ODM, we can make a range of products to suit our client’s needs to ensure happy customers. Our design team Mindsparkz are fantastic at creating fun ideas and can assist your brand. The product code for this item is 2750. Please refer to this code if interested in this product when contacting our offices in China or Vietnam. Other products which can accompany a promotional toiletry bag include a branded manicure setcustom pocket mirrorcustom face towel and custom face massager.

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