Practical and portable, a promotional toiletry bag makes great promotional gift for customers, office, and beauty products. A great gift with purchase encourages impulse buying because customers know they would most likely get more than what they paid for.  In our case study, Brut offers a grooming or toiletry bag to their male clientele. The custom bag is perfect for their male customers whole love to keep everything neat and organised.

Marketing Gift: Promotional Toiletry Bag To Stimulate Sales

Marketing Gift: Promotional Toiletry Bag To Stimulate Sales

Promotional Toiletry Bag

A lot of travelers store toiletries in zip-lock plastic bags which is risky and may potentially lead to a messy disaster. Thus, getting a free toiletry bag saves them from this misery. This cool and hip storage effectively organises toiletries into one single bag; pretty convenient! Simply display this promotional gift in conspicuous areas, especially where tourists frequently flock, you’ll definitely see an increase in sales in no time.

Why Should Your Brand USe A Promotional Toiletry Bag?

  • Great Marketing Tool – When customers, especially travelers, carry a toiletry bag with them, they effortlessly promote the brand to everyone they meet- be it on streets, at work, or during travels. Just ensure that the branding on the bag is clear and legible to maximise its full marketing potential. Also, a promotional toiletry bag is cheaper than traditional media: tv or print ads.
  • Durable – What we love about this bag is the fact that it’s made from a sturdy material. Therefore, it easily protects your stuff from outside elements. So, if you’re considering using a promotional toiletry bag, think about the materials you should use. Nylon is another good choice as it is waterproof and durable.
  • Customisable – Having a basic black colour on the bag highlights the brand even better than colourful backgrounds. Logos can easily be printed almost anywhere without worrying if it’s legible or not. You have several options in printing, check out the link below for the most common one:

How Can ODM Help You?

Whether you like it big, small or in a different material, we at ODM can assist you with designing and manfacturing your very own promotional toiletry bag. Contact us today and we’ll discuss and explore your options.


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The toiletry bag is perfect for school, office, and leisure. Therefore, promoting your brand with this toiletry bag will increase your brand visibility.

Custom toiletry bags and travel kits are the perfect product solution for keeping all of your liquids and beauty products secure in one easy and accessible place. As promotional products, they have great marketing potential for companies in various industries.

Lastly, men usually don’t have a huge budget for beauty and other related products. Hence, running an on-pack promotion that involves a good promotional toiletry bag is a great way to make the male clienteles buy Adidas products over the other brands.