Davidoff takes their marketing to a new level in the UK with this new GWP toiletry bag.  Purchasing any Davidoff fragrance for at least £29 entitles the buyer a new Davidoff toiletry bag for free! Head straight to the Davidoff found in House of Fraser department store, UK and secure your GWP toiletry bag.

GWP toiletry bag by Davidoff - Why it Works

GWP toiletry bag by Davidoff – Why it Works

Aside from the fact that this toiletry bag perfectly complements every Davidoff fragrance. You will also no longer have to worry about misplaced items since your travel necessities are secured in this toiletry bag.

Unlike other promotional products, bags are versatile and useful. Hence, they make great corporate gifts and gift with purchase. That’s why companies love to use them for promotions.

GWP toiletry bag by Davidoff - Why it Works

GWP toiletry bag by Davidoff – Why it Works

GWP toiletry bag by Davidoff – Why it Works?

  • Stylish: The neutral shade easily complements the blue zippers. It looks classy yet trendy – perfect for students and professionals alike. The simple design gives off a modern and clean feel. Customers will definitely love it since it goes really well with any outfit.
  • Branding Opportunity: The toiletry bag is perfect for school, office, and leisure. Therefore, promoting your brand with this toiletry bag will increase your brand visibility. We highly suggest printing the brand name, logo, or other brand visuals on the front part.  A good example would be this black toiletry bag from Zegna. The brand name is highly visible in this promotional bag.
  • Adds Value: The use of a stylish promotional toiletry bag made the brand look more appealing. Consequently, it’s pretty effective in attracting potential buyers.
  • High – Quality: Obviously, the material used in the bag is of high quality. It’s made from a durable type of cloth that could easily withstand those minor key or metal scratches.
  • Convenient Advertising Tool: Why? Since most customers would definitely carry this bag with them, they are easily promoting the brand. The bag could spark petty discussions. Therefore, spreading the word about the brand. It’s cheaper than those expensive traditional  TV adverts.

Giving away a free toiletry bag could be a great way to show customers your appreciation. As a result, customers will trust and love your brand even more.

GWP toiletry bag by Davidoff – Why it Works

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