Camera GWP Merchandise Ideas by Nikon & Canon

Check out Nikon and Canon’s cool GWP merchandise ideas for their camera promotion. Customers will get tram stop-themed merchandise for free when they purchase any of their featured DSLR cameras in selected Hong Kong stores.

GWP Merchandise Ideas

GWP Merchandise Ideas

Giving away freebies is a great way to show customers your appreciation. And to show their gratitude to their loyal customers, they will be giving away tram stop-designed shopping bag and key chain, pillows, water bottles, umbrella, plate, bowl, and mug.

GWP Merchandise Ideas

GWP Merchandise Ideas

When it comes to promo gifts, Nikon and Canon understand the needs and wants of their target market. Take a look at their previous gift with purchase merchandise:

Here, Nikon offered a camera bag, branded neck pillow, and a pouch for storing pens, small notebooks, and business cards for their promotional campaign. Handy and unique, these items are suitable for students, professionals, and travelers.

In this example, Canon were giving away a high-quality camera bag, perfect for photography enthusiasts.

For their latest promotion, the brands are giving away gifts with a strong cultural connection to Hong Kong.

How Nikon and Canon’s GWP Merchandise Ideas Are a Hit

  • Bag & Rubber Key Chain: These merchandise make great souvenir items! The bag pocket features the Hong Kong tram stop design, while the rubber key chain has Chinese characters embossed on the surface. On the back side, there’s ample space for writing names allowing customers to keep track of their belongings. The bag is reusable and is made of sturdy material, thereby making it a reliable shopping companion.
GWP Merchandise Ideas

GWP Merchandise Ideas

  • Plate, Bowl & Mug: Foodies will definitely love these kitchen items as they are functional and have beautiful designs. This will make eating sweet and sour pork more enjoyable! What makes them perfect as promotional gifts? Customers will always see your brand every time they use your promotional bowl, plate, and mug. Therefore, these items promise greater brand exposure.
  • Pillows: Soft and portable, these tram stop inspired pillows are perfect for commuters. With this, travelers will be able to rest in luxurious comfort. These gifts will ensure that your customers are well-rested when they reach their destination. Moreover, these pillows provide great branding opportunity as you can print your brand visuals on the surface. In this case, the camera brands opted for something that tourists will love. No overt branding- just cool graphics!
GWP Merchandise Ideas

GWP Merchandise Ideas

  • Water Bottles: Commuting can be very tiring. As such, these promotional water bottles are a great way to remind commuters to drink lots of water during travels. Tumblers and water bottles also make great promo gifts since they can be customized to reflect your brand.
  • Umbrella: Promotional umbrellas are popular gifts with purchase for business because they are highly customizable. Companies can print logos, graphics, and other visuals to boost brand presence. In this example, the unique tram design makes the umbrella more appealing because it deeply resonates with their target market.

Why We Love The Design

The items are all tram-stop inspired. It’s a great design choice since Trams are part of Hong Kong’s identity as a nation. It’s Instagram-worthy and many professional photographers and tourists love to take pictures of it. Not only does it help the brand stand out, but it also showcases Hong Kong’s iconic mode of transportation.

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