Want a unique marketing gift idea? Why not offer both luxury and comfort to your customers by giving away this panda neck pillow. The neck pillow is designed in the shape of a panda and is made from a blend of natural wheat grains & lavender. Apart from the adorable exterior, this neck pillow also has 3 amazing functions:

Marketing Gift: Panda Neck Pillow

Marketing Gift: Panda Neck Pillow

Firstly the marketing gift can be used as a neck pillow. This is perfect for avid travelers who would like to travel in both comfort and style.

Secondly the panda neck pillow can be used as heat therapy. Simply heat it up in the microwave oven and allow the calming lavender aroma to soothe and relax you, relieving discomfort.

Lastly, this marketing gift can be used for cold therapy. Cool it in the freezer and then use it to ease pain and swelling.

This panda neck pillow is such an interesting marketing gift idea and your customers will definitely be rushing down to get their hands on this interesting marketing gift!

Why offer this marketing gift idea?

The greatest incentive that this provides will be for the company. The amazing thing about this marketing gift is that it can be branded by printing your corporate logo and brand name onto the pillow.

This provides a very large surface area for branding opportunities and is sure to boost brand recall!  After a successful one time use of the pillow, the customer will continuously reuse the neck pillow and this will result in an increased visibility of your brand!

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