Are you looking for a new promo gift ? Well, here is one to consider – a clothes peg USB. This promo gift is yet another gimmick with dual functionality! Customers can use it as a clothes peg as well as a USB disk. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be wise to use it as a clothes peg. But using it as a paper clip is a fairly good idea. For instance, you can use the USB to store some documents and clip onto a paper with the receiver’s name on it.

Take a look at this unique promo gift!

Promo Gift idea: A massively interesting Clothes Peg USB

Promo Gift idea: A massively interesting Clothes Peg USB

Its dual functionality makes it a unique promo gift. This clothes peg USB definitely gives you an edge above your competitors. And to survive in this ever-changing business field, it is always wise to offer something creative and innovative.

How is this clothes peg USB an effective promo gift?

As it is commonly used as a clothes peg, no one would have expected it to be a USB disk. Now, this is a unique selling point that could be used to attract prospects. It could be used as a marketing strategy to provoke curiosity and interest towards your business. And eventually, it would bring in more sales and prospects.

Furthermore, this clothes peg USB is certainly a practical promo gift for anyone to use under any circumstances. You should always offer something that holds a high utility value for your customers. As this shows that you appreciate and value your customers by offering them something that is applicable and useful.Besides being a very functional object, this promo gift also retains its fun and interesting factor of being a clothes peg.

So to outrun your competitors, it is important to think out of the box. An interesting promo gift is capable of drawing attention. Offering a clothes peg USB as a promo gift is definitely interesting. So, always remember that a creative and innovative promo gift acts as a great incentive!