There are many variations of neck pillows on the market, from blow-up travel pillows to grain filled sacks that move when your position changes.   Here is ODM designers rendition of new design with lights for reading.

Thanks to its shape, a neck pillow can be easily customized, to increase your brand visibility. Besides the printing of your logo and slogan, it can also adopt the form of one of your most symbolic products. Already seen on our blog as a gift with purchase , there are lots of ways to use a neck pillow as a promotional gift.

You could also innovate and add function to a simple pillow. What about helping your clients relax with a trendy speaker & massage neck pillow? Moreover, if you want to keep on reading during a long flight travel, even when the common lights are off, you could need a torch with your pillow.

If your client is a frequent traveler, you could also offer them a complete traveler kit, with every item customized with your colors and logo: neck pillow, eye mask, universal adapter, USB light for laptop, emergency phone charger, retractable razor, traveler soap, etc

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