Promotional Caps are a great way to improve your brand recognition and market reach. Using promo caps is a good way to get your product or services seen or create buzz around a product launch.

Here is the current Beer promotional campaign of BUDWEISER China – currently on offer @ Century Mart in Shanghai.

Buy 3 packs of 3 bottles 600 ML (9 beers) and get a baseball cap as a promotional gift. This black cap has red embroidery to promote the American beer.   The caps are displayed on top of some of the bottles on display and can be redeemed at the counter on purchase.

Did you ever think of promoting your brand with a cap?  There are several Promotional Caps that you can choose from. To create a grat impact, choose promo caps that would make your target clients want to wear them. For that you would better take a look at what is widely used by your target clients to choose the right design, colour and material.

The printing methods used for Promotional Caps include several different ways such as embroidery, embossed, virtual proof, as well as virtual samples… The printing selection of your logo will have to depend on the cap’s material and budget range.


We can help you design and produce your promotional caps/hats. Please contact us for more information and ideas on promotional products.

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