Nikon (Hong Kong) is currently having a promotion. Their promotional gift consists of an assortment of camera bags. The bags have a pixelated design, apt for a camera company like Nikon.

Promotional Gift by Nikon: Pixilated Camera Bags

Promotional Gift by Nikon: Pixilated Camera Bags

The promotional gift is suitable for anyone and everyone, regardless of gender or age. This is because there is an assortment of bags (backpack, carrier bag etc). The bag is designed to hold a camera, along with other equipment necessary for using the camera. There is also space in the bag for other personal items.

Nikon is a multinational corporation that specializes in optics and imaging. Nikon’s headquarters are based in Tokyo, Japan. Nikon has a wide product line which consists of imaging products, sport optics, precision equipment and instrument products.

How this promotional gift enhances the brand

This promotional gift is an interesting one due to its pixelated design. This helps to make the promotion attractive to customers. Furthermore, the bags are of good quality. Ensuring that your promotional gift is of good quality is important. A good quality gift leads customers to perceive that your products are of good quality. This would enhance brand image. Should the promotional gift be of a poor quality, it may have reverse effects. Customers may perceive the brand as one that sells low quality products.

The unique design retains the brand image in the customers’ mind. Customers tend to remember unique gifts over ordinary ones. Although bags are an ordinary promotional gift, having an interesting design makes the promotional gift unique. This would help to keep your brand in your customers’ mind.

Other companies that may be interested in this promotional gift

Apart from Nikon, its competitors like Canon or Olympus may be interested in such a promotional gift or similar ones.


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