Here is a promotional item idea that camera brands could add into their product accessory range to add a flair of fashion. Lets face it: camera straps are plain and boring! Why not add an aspect of fun and fashion by incorporating a necktie into the strap. A necktie strap would work great when offered as a gift with purchase.

Promotional Item Ideas for Cameras

Promotional Item Ideas for Cameras

How this cool promotional item works with a high end product

Cameras are expensive pieces of equipment! System cameras are still popular even with an increase in smaller and more advanced pocket cameras. The bulkier system cameras need camera straps for easy transportation and photo taking.

Often when buying a  system camera, some bonus items will be included to sweeten the deal. The shop will throw in some complimentary items as giveaways to act as incentive products to entice the customer to make a purchase. They do this because choosing a a camera with different competing models on the market can be daunting. If one offers bonus incentive products, the customer will see this as additional perceived value. Common additional gift merchandise items include extra storage memory cards, cases, and straps. Imagine the ‘hip’ factor assigned to a camera that comes with a cool necktie strap.

It will help the end user stand out, especially in situations such as tourist spots where everyone has a camera. A brand can really gain exposure just by being a little different. Wearing the cool and comfortable necktie strap is also a good excuse to keep your camera around your neck longer, meaning the bond between camera and user is strengthened. Camera straps can be custom designed, there are other possibilities to create a unique strap based on material, colour, design and use.

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