Salt and pepper are the essence of any meal, being the origins of flavour for any beginner or expert chef. These customisable shakers are an innovative solution to brand activation. Be it at home, in a bar or at a restaurant they are flexible for use almost anywhere.

No matter where you are, people will be using Condiment shakers. Even if they are not, they are forever an important part of any table and therefore great at promoting your brand. This is an interesting example of Corona using a customisable shaker in the design of a beer can.

Salt and Pepper Shaker for Brand Activation

Salt and Pepper Shaker for Brand Activation

How Customisable Shakers Can Help With Brand Activation:

Multiple markets – As a salt and pepper shaker is available at any establishment associated with food, be it a restaurant, bar or home. This offers flexibility to what market you can target, opening up the potential for it to be targeted correctly when developing your brand activation.

Customisable design – The Customisable shaker offers a range of opportunities to develop the product into your desired shape. Whether you’re selling beer or high class food the shaker can adapt to your products and logo.

Constant Presence – Being out on the table or sat on a bar, a shaker is perfectly in view of your target market. This will provide regular association to them either by the logo or the salt and pepper inside, therefore this will be create a constant interaction with the customer and your brand.

ODM think this is product has many opportunities for brand activation and general promotion. If you are interesting in increasing your brand awareness through promotional products contact us today.

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