Salt and Pepper shakers make great promotional items as they are a necessity in any household or restaurant.  Everybody has at least a 1 set lying around the kitchen or the dining room table. Salt and Pepper shakers are always placed on the table and are highly visible as people pass them to one another when they need to use them.

This is a very common (communal) product used when dining and cooking – most would even say they are basic necessities for every kitchen.  What is great with salt and pepper shakers is that they are easy to customize in terms of shape or branding.  Any type of shaker can be created.

It is very easy to make a salt and pepper shaker and match it to your themes or concepts – ODM can assist with set up for the mould if required. Nowadays we even find shakers made from old style toys such as LEGO or rubiks cubes.  All types of materials are used to make shakers – plastics / wood / glass / metals etc….

Salt and Pepper shakers are great promotional gifts to hand out to clients or customers, as they will use them in their kitchen. A company who does lots of sponsorship could give them out to local restaurants in order to help advertise their brand – its a great way to increase exposure. Salt and pepper shakers could also be a great GWP product, maybe bundled with any type of kitchen utensil.

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