Omo Laundry detergent launched an interesting GWP campaign in Australia that lasted just 24hours. The GWP gift was made available to the first 2,000 customers who purchased any two OMO (powder or liquid) products on the 3rs of April 2011 in the Franklin stores. Customers had to fill out a form and photocopy their receipt to prove they bought the laundry detergent products. The first 2,000 consumers who mailed in the form received a Kids Crayola Set.

Omo and Franklins ‘Free Kids Crayola Pack’ Promotion

What a funny product to give out as a GWP campaign. Crayola colouring pens and kids means the parents are going to have lots of laundry to do. Good thing that customers needed to buy two products to receive the Crayolas, because they will definitively be using them if their child decides to draw all over their clothes and other forms of textile based items in the household. No worries if your child makes a mess with his Crayola because OMO products are very efficient to clean all stains and coloring away!

Very smart promotional gift being given away  by OMO. It is not the conventional gift to be given away with laundry detergent, but this is what makes the promotion so fun!

The marketers at OMO are giving out a free gift that will get clothes dirty, this will show the great efficiency of their laundry detergent products. If the detergent works well it is possible that the consumers may switch brands and decide to stay with OMO.

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