Lynx Summer Promotional Campaign

Lynx Deodorant launched a big promotion for the summer season in the United Kingdom exclusively. Any customer aged 18 and over that purchases a can of deodorant or antiperspirant is eligible to enter the contest to win one of the thousand’s of prizes. The customer enters the contest by sending a text message with the information of the bar code of the Lynx product he just purchased.

The offer runs out in November 2011, there is still lots of time to go out and purchase Lynx products and win some free gifts for those customers in the UK.

There are many various types of products to win. The promotion chooses winners every hour during the entire running period of the promotion. Some of the more basic gifts being handed out during the promotional campaign are Lynx branded Frisbees, branded headphones, “7Digital” Mp3 dowload vouchers, a 50£ Sunglass Hut voucher and many Spotify Premium and Unlimited accounts. The best gift being offered to clients are three two night trips on “The Lynx Boat”.  These trips come with a cash gift of 250£ and a free nights at a hotel of the promoters choice.

Lynx Summer Promotional Campaign

Customers who win a promotional product or free vouchers are notified within 4 weeks, whereas the clients that win “The Lynx Boat” trip are notified within three days of sending their text message.

This is a very compelling promotional campaign that will make people buy more Lynx deodorant and antiperspirant products during the time frame of the promotion in order to get a chance to win free gifts.

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