Buy 2 of any Lynx products in participating Woolworths Australia outlets and claim your free mini speaker at the cashier! Lynx is promoting its latest deodorants for the year 2012, with an entirely classy packaging and promotional tagline.

Promotional poster Lynx

Have a look at the classy design of the speakers. It is compact and black in colour, in line with Lynx Deodorant 2012 Final Edition. It is important for marketing managers to establish relationships between promotional products to its product/service. Customers will then be more engaged and thus feel more tempted to buy its products.

Creative Promotional Poster

ODM also find its promotional poster interesting, with its theme of year 2012 bringing the end of the world. The tagline stands out from the rest, hence making it attention seeking. This is a daring move by Lynx as such ideas tend to be less favoured than promotions that make customers feel good. Nevertheless Lynx has made the right move forward by increasing the use of promotional posters and products for advertising purposes.

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