More and more magazines are offering promotional products to encourage new and repeat subscriptions. British magazine countryman’s weekly is a prime example of this, and are offering the following promotion. Subscribe for 12 months by credit card, cheque or debit card and you get to pick any of the following items in this image. Below we will highlight why this is a great promotional idea.

Promotional products - Countryman's subscription offer

Promotional products – Countryman’s subscription offer

Why are promotional products in magazines a good idea?

  • Sustained brand awareness – Using a promotion such as this if successful can secure revenue streams for the whole year. By offering a promotional product as an incentive, customers will receive your magazine for an entire year. This means that you will achieve sustained levels of exposure over other magazines. It will also encourage future subscriptions by customers as well.
  • Value for money: Offering more than what your competitors are is key to attracting and keeping customers. A promotional product such as this will really make the customer feel that they are getting value for their money. This is due to it adding a considerable amount of value to the initial product offering. This will therefore increase customer satisfaction.
  • Utility: All of the items on offer are great for outdoors men who would find these items to be of great use. These items target readers of the magazine very well, and this in turn encourages them greatly to subscribe to Countryman’s weekly as their hobby magazine of choice.

Due to these reasons, it is clear that type of marketing is for improving the magazine’s sales and awareness. Are you looking for promotional items to go with your magazine? If so, then we want to hear from you.

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