Promotional Gift - Stylus

Since the iPad’s initial release tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular.  Whilst we traditionally think of the stylus for the first generation of smart phones like the Palm, they are also interesting for drawing and designing these days. Consider it as a promotional product for your future promotional campaigns.

Simple in design and function, the stylus helps you write and select items seamlessly on tablets or smart phones. This brings greater efficiency on a range of applications such as productivity apps that require careful selection & editing.

Customize the stylus to suit your promotional needs, from a professional looking one to something more casual. Change the colours and put your logo on it.  Gain the added benefits of marketing by adding your desired logo onto the stylus

As a promotional tool, the stylus can be best utilized by companies doing campaigns for business or IT centric promotions. Use them as gift with purchase campaigns for events giveaways and as an on pack gifts for maximum effect.

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