One more perfect opportunity for a branded product: a promotional USB Pen with Stylus. Continue reading to find out why a product like that could be of significant use to your business.

Promotional USB Pen with Stylus as a customized item

Promotional USB Pen with Stylus as a customized item

The benefits of using the promotional USB Pen with Stylus

With this 3-in-1 customized combo, your client will save time and space at the office desk and will appreciate your ingenious marketing campaign.

The handy, black stylus will help to navigate easily around your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the convenient USB will transfer and store data between different portals. In this day and age, USB’s are an essential for both personal and business use.

The pen has a solid and professional appearance with its shiny metal barrel and chrome accents. Because of its well made design, it is a perfect opportunity for branding and etching company logo’s.

If you are interested in promotional products like this, please contact the ODM Group Sales team. Use the reference ODM-P-823 if you are interested in USB Pen with Stylus and we’d be happy to assist you.

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