Promotional pens are one of the most favoured items to market your brand. They are an easy, simple and effective way to spread brand awareness and exposure by adding your logo to the design. As promotional gift items they are great choices to give away to clients, to keep around the office, and to keep handy at reception desks.

They also make excellent freebie items to give away to potential customers during events, in goodie bags, at campaigns and even as cover-mount gifts.

But what happens to promotional pens after a couple of years of use?

Promotional Pens and What Can Happen Overtime

Promotional Pens and What Can Happen Overtime

This image contains a pencil and two promotional pens, the pencil and black pen are matching stationary. The black pen comes with a stylus which can be used for screens and both are fairly new.

The third grey pen is a couple of years old and has an older design with a pen lid clip, other than this can you notice any difference?

Promotional Pens and What Can Happen Overtime

Promotional Pens and What Can Happen Overtime

Both of these promotional pens are manufactured with a rubber coating on the surface. As far as design goes, this rubber coating provides an ultra smooth and comfortable feel for the pen user when writing, making this material a popular choice for pens.

However as seen in the grey pen image above, the quality of the rubber coating deteriorates after excessive use and time. This happens because of the sweat and friction from our hands which causes the rubber to slowly thin, rub off and become sticky making the design of the pen look less appealing.

Therefore when thinking about designing promotional pens, it is important to consider what materials and designs will work best to make sure your product will be used for a long time.

Promotional umbrellas are another example of rubber. Umbrella handles are often coated in this rubber material, and since umbrellas have a longer product life-span it is important to ensure your umbrella will continue to appeal to people, as people will be less inclined to use a product that is sticky and uncomfortable to touch.

How can promotional pens be useful for your brand promotions?

  • Design. Pens can come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to design a pen that will continue to represent your brand even after a long time. People always have pens lying around and good looking and comfortable pens will always be chosen first.
  • Brand potential. Promotional pens are easy to increase your branding as they can be printed with your brand logo. If your pen is good, people are more likely to associate your brand with making items that have given them a positive experience.

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