All beverage companies should look into this product as a promotional gift. Just have a look to these amazing fruit pens!

Promotional Items for Juice Company - Fruit Pens

Promotional Items for Juice Company – Fruit Pens

Why the fruit pens are good for promoting my brand?

This promotional pens are especially suitable for fruity drink companies like Sunkist, Simply Orange. Branding these items with your logo can enforce brand recall and it’s actually very eye catching! The cool shape and the light weight make it perfect for on pack promotions.

Remember that the best promotional items is the one which can be used every day by your client. That’s why pens, note pads or USB key are so effective! Promoting a drink brand or a fruits/vegetables company is not that easy. Of course, if you have a bigger budget you can offer a blender or a chocolate fondue machine as a premium, but pens are finally the cheapest option.

Moreover, people can spend time in public using your promotional fruit pen. It’s a kind of indirect marketing. Usually, the printing area is very limited on a pen, that’s why the shape and colour are very important in this case. It will make your brand very visible!

Get your very own promotional gift specialist to advise for your next promotional campaign! Also, if you liked this promogift idea, maybe you’d like our vegetables pens blog as well…