Some industries, like the beverage industry, are big promotional gift users. They organize promotional gift campaigns regularly. Therefore they have a wide variety of promotional items to chose from. But other industries like the fruit and vegetable industries are newer to this kind of promo and generally lack in choice.

Vegetable Promotional Gift - Veggie Pens

Here at ODM we believe it is highly important to open the promotional goods industry to other more originals, for example the vegetable industry. We regularly try to come up with new products.

One of the most original products we suggest for this industry is the vegetable pen : a pen in the shape of a vegetable!

The product is simple to make yet offers many benefits:

  • original design
  • useful and practical object
  • low production costs
  • easily customized or branded
These pens could even be a great way of getting children interested in vegetables!

Finally, it is important to remark that ODM is ready to do pens in any style and  for any type of promo :

  • carrot promotional gift
  • asparagus promotional gift
  • tomato promotional gift
  • oignon promotional gift
  • salad promotional gift
  • celery promotional gift
  • leak promotional gift
  • radish promotional gift
  • coliflower promotional gift
  • cucumber promotional gift
  • pepper promotional gift
  • melon promotional gift
  • potato promotional gift etc
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