The Kraft-Heinz company, the well-known American food company, collaborated with Pantone and released a promotional jigsaw puzzle in the USA and Canada. This was for their 150th anniversary. However, it has definitely caused a lot of buzz on social media as many people think that this is the most challenging and infuriating puzzle game ever. Why? It is a 570-piece set and the whole puzzle is completely red! All puzzle pieces look the same and it will definitely take a long time to solve it.

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle (Source: Heinz)


We think that this promotional jigsaw puzzle is a great marketing strategy by Heinz. They really make great promotional giveaways, as purchase with purchase or a branded gift with purchase item to draw customers and sales. Here are a few reasons why we think so:


1.On Brand

This puzzle is really unique as the shade of red matches the colour of their signature tomato paste and ketchup. It definitely looks appetising and enticing for Heinz’s Ketchup lovers.

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle (Source: Heinz)

2. For a Good Cause

Heinz is selling them and the proceeds will go to a food bank in America. This gives a good impression to buyers and hence can boost their brand image as a company that is socially responsible.

3. Great Stay-at-Home activity

During this COVID19 pandemic, many countries are in lockdown, and citizens are to stay at home. Working on a puzzle is a great activity to pass the time. Also, it is a great family bonding activity as members can work on the puzzle together. This puzzle will definitely make people pull their hair out and will take a long time to complete. Time will fly very quickly.

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle (Source: Heinz)


4. Customisability

They are really customisable and you can have any design on the puzzle. You can decide on the size and number of puzzle pieces. In addition, you can have custom packaging for this puzzle set. You can have your brand log printed on them. Plus, they are low cost to manufacture.


5. Suitable for all audience

A promotional jigsaw puzzle is great for all, no matter the age. However, puzzles maybe for those who have patience, focus, and perseverance to finish it.


6. Brand Visibility

Heinz’s promotional jigsaw puzzle definitely caused a lot of buzzes and this can help increase their brand exposure.


Our Learning Points

Heinz’s promotional jigsaw puzzle is a great promotion strategy to boost their brand awareness and brand image. Possibly, your company can also consider having branded puzzles as branded promotional gifts, purchase with purchase, or gift with purchase. They are suitable for anyone and are very customisable.


How we can help

If you are interested in having a promotional jigsaw puzzle, just like Heinz, feel free to contact us. We have years of experience in the promotional products industry and we can help you from promotional product design all the way down to its manufacturing and shipping. We have a team of designers that can also help with coming up with a design for your custom puzzle or other branded promotional merchandise.


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