The world famous brand for Ketchup, Heinz, is running a new promotional campaign in Morocco. This summer is perhaps the best time for Heinz to introduce its promotion because many people will be having barbecue parties…

Promotional Gift Morocco - Heinz Ketchup GWP

For this promotion, Heinz is offering 100 amazing promogift packages which include branded cap, an apron, a knife, a deep fryer and an electric grill. How to get one of these BBQ Kits? Simply drop by the nearest department store and fill in the participation form to stand a chance to win the attractive prizes! Indeed, Heinz has hired A.I.R (an advertising company) to develop a new concept of POS promotion.

Promotional Gift Morocco - Amazing POS Promotion by Heinz

As you can see, Heinz has created its exceptional POS display at the department stores in Morocco. Don’t you think that the gigantic ketchup bottle, standing at 2 meters high, is one of the most catchy ketchup campaigns ever?!

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