Bentley is currently offering their customers a free branded gift with purchase of their cologne to boost sales. This was promoted in the July / September 2018 Cathay Pacific in-flight duty free magazine.


The slick key chain offered to customers further promotes the luxury brand and pleases buyers – so a win win! Key chains are a great way of enhancing customer contact with your brand and lengthening brand visibility.


Bentley has had great success in its production of accessories, which has – most importantly – widened its market beyond car owners.

Branded Gift with Purchase - Bentley Scores Big in Duty Free!

Branded Gift with Purchase – Bentley Scores Big in Duty Free!


Bentley has long-known to be one of the most luxury car brands on the market, making their products extremely sought after but extremely expensive. The introduction of Bentley branded accessories has increased the customer market coming into contact with their products.

Branded Gift with Purchase - Bentley Scores Big in Duty Free!

Branded Gift with Purchase – Bentley Scores Big in Duty Free!

Certainly, it is no surprise that Bentley’s accessories are sophisticated, timeless and high-quality – much like their cars. Offering a branded gift with purchase of the Bentley cologne additionally offers great marketing benefits to the company – some of these benefits are highlighted below.


Benefits of providing a branded gift with purchase?

  • Increases exposure to branding
  • Free marketing of brand – helps to popularize companies to customers.
  • Incentives impulse buying – boosting sales
  • Enhances brand awareness


Branded Gift with Purchase

Branded Gift with Purchase


Similarly, check out how the Thai Government used key chains to lengthen the memory of tourist stays!

Would a branded gift with purchase boost your sales? As we can see, promo items and branded gifts with purchase are perfect tools for companies aiming to enhance brand recognition and winning over new clients at a low cost. Because of this, they are a great marketing strategy.

We, at the ODM group, can help you design, source and manufacture unique promotional products that will compliment your existing brand.

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