When it comes to keys, the first thing that comes into our mind would be keychains! Keychain is an accessory that we see and use everyday. In fact some of us may even have more than one set of keys and keychains. Since everyone owns at least a set of keys this makes it a  great market exposure to offer keychains as a promo giveaway! Read on to find out more…

Pepsi keychain - promo giveaway

Pepsi keychain – promo giveaway

Why should we use a keychain as a promo giveaway?

Firstly, keychains are easy to keep and convenient to bring around. A promo giveaway like this will ensure that the customer will use it on a regular basis. So whenever they use the keys, it will immediately remind them of your brand and business. This improves brand recall which in turn boosts brand loyalty.

Brand recall allows customers to recall your brand and your products. When your customer remembers your brand, it will encourage them to make repeated purchases. And making repeated purchases also means that your customer is definitely supporting your products as well as being loyal to your brand. Eventually, all these effective marketing tactics would definitely bring in greater sales.

How to customize your keychains?

Keychains are highly customizable. They can be made into many different models and fully customized after your branding needs and desire. Customizing your keychain into your brand logo also achieves the purpose of advertising. Take, for instance, the Pepsi logo of the keychain above allows easy recognition and increases brand awareness. Whenever customers use it, they can immediately tell that this is the Pepsi logo. As a result, they will subconsciously remember it and when it comes to the selection of beverages, Pepsi might stand a higher chance than its competitors.

Rugby keychain - promo giveaway

Rugby keychain – promo giveaway

Besides that, companies can use keychains to commemorate any anniversary or significant event. For instance, the keychain above acts as a reminder of the rugby worldcup in 2003. Not only does it remind us of this worldcup event but it also serves as a very memorable and meaningful keychain.

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How can I customise a keychain?

There are different ways to customise and brand your promotional keychain in a way that is distinct to your brand. Here at ODM, we have a team of professionals with years of experience who can help with this.

What is the benefit of a customised keychain?

Given that keychains are carried about, customising a key chain to represent your brand gives your brand more visibility and including it in your promotion can even boost sales for your brand.