Cocomax is now offering a custom keychain as their on pack promo! Simply purchase a bottle CocoMax’s drink and the custom coconut shape keychain is yours. Hurry up and grab one of this on pack promo before they run out of stocks!

Take a look at the on pack promo with the custom keychain attached!

CocoMax offers Custom Keychain as On Pack Promo

CocoMax offers Custom Keychain as On Pack Promo

CocoMax is a 100% real coconut isotonic drink. It is refreshing, healthy and energizing! Check out some promotions that other drinks companies have offered to their consumers previously:

Using real Coconuts for Promo Gifts.

Consider using real coconuts for your promotional products campaigns.  Check out this campaign by Malibu in Thailand.

Offering custom keychain boosts sales!

CocoMax's On Pack Promo - Custom Keychain

CocoMax’s On Pack Promo – Custom Keychain

CocoMax is now offering a coconut shape custom keychain to boost sales. By offering an on pack promo, people would be encouraged to purchase CocoMax’s drinks. These promotional gifts act as incentives for consumers to make purchases. Some people may even purchase the bottled drink for the free promotional gift!

Keychains can be easily used as accessories for bags, keys, anywhere you want. Though they may be small, but it is convenient for people to carry around. This way, people would use the custom keychains for a longer period of time as compared to other promotional items.

Branding your promotional gifts

CocoMax's Coconut Shaped Custom Keychain

CocoMax’s Coconut Shaped Custom Keychain

Making the keychain into the shape of coconut allows people to remember your drink better! Since CocoMax sells coconut drinks, brand recall can be enhanced when people sees the custom keychain. The keychain can be made into any shape and design according to your company’s logo or mascot! People can even notice the mascot keychain from afar. These custom keychains can act as a free walking advertisement.

Branding your company’s name on the mascot can boost brand awareness. CocoMax can brand their name on the coconut to boost brand loyalty. Hurry get started with your very own branded custom keychains to help boost sales!