Disney Baby Magazine is now offering their Disney branded tote bag as an on pack promo. Simply top up HKD$105 to be entitled to this Disney tote along with a HKD$60 purchase of the magazine. This on pack promo was spotted at the 7-11 convenient store in Hong Kong. Hurry up and grab this branded tote before it runs out of stock!

Take a look at the on pack promo package offered by Disney Baby along with the branded Disney tote bag!

Disney Baby Offers Branded Tote as On Pack Promo!

Disney Baby Offers Branded Tote as On Pack Promo!

Magazine companies often give out promotional gifts along with their magazines in the Hong Kong convenient stores. Check out some of the prominent promotions done by some magazines previously:

Offering On Pack Promo To Boost Sales

By offering marketing gifts along with your magazine sold, people would be allured into getting a closer look at the product being offered. This is the first step into enticing your consumers into purchasing your products! Disney Baby has taken this marketing strategy into consideration and offered their Disney branded tote bag along with their magazine to encourage purchases. This would definitely help boost sales and increase profits greatly for the company.

Offering Attractive Yet Practical Gifts

Consumers would be more attracted to gifts that are eye-catching but yet practical to use. No one would want a gift that is not practical and redundant. Disney Baby is now offering a branded Disney tote, which is pretty looking and yet useful. Consumers can carry these tote bags anywhere they go and they are durable yet long-lasting.


Disney Mickey and Minnie cartoon character are very prominent and known world widely. By branding the tote bag with the Disney icon, people would be able to recognize their brand instantly. Branding your company mascot on the promotional gifts offered or making a figurine out of these mascots would definitely be able to attract others’ attention and increase brand awareness for your company. This not only allow the gifts to be more eye-catching but also able to act as a free walking advertisement for your company. Remember to brand your promotional gifts before offering them to your consumers!