Gin mare is a drink brand that has been growing since it launched very recently. It is elaborated in Barcelona and it is basically a gin flavored with rosemary, olive Arbequina, thyme and basil: these ingredients make it represent the pure texture of the Mediterranean Sea. The product design has been especially elaborated to the most finest detail which allows the product compete with major global brands. Recently, they have been using point of sale displays to attract their audience and increase their brand value.

We can see below a graphical representation of the  point of sale that Gin Mare has been using.

Gin Mare Stuns Everyone With Their New Point of Sale

Gin Mare Stuns Everyone With Their New Point of Sale

How does Gin Mare’s POS Stand Out?

This point of sale is normally known as a glorifier and it helps the product impact customers and attract them to have a look immediately at the product as not all products will have a display like this.

Gin Mare is a brand that is growing every day since their launch and companies in this phase always need to invest in their marketing campaigns in order to break into the market hard enough so that they gain the right amount the customers that will enable them to keep growing. This is where promotional products also play a massive part in their success as they need to spread their brand out.

This spanish brand is associated with the summer season where the client can have a refreshing time enjoying in the beach.

Point of sale are specifically made to grab customers attraction.

Other point of sale displays that might interest you:

Some words for our Spanish readers:

Gin Mare es una marca de gin en España que ha estado creciendo durante un corto plazo de tiempo y ahora mismo está entre las mejores bebidas con tendencias en España. Recientemente han estado usando un POS para que el público se maraville con esta nueva tendencia de gin.